Regional Arts Network Residency + Touring Program

North Midlands Project is proud to manage the residency program for the Network.

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The Network Residency + Touring Program is an interregional multiyear program that has been adopted and activated by the Regional Arts Network.

Year one (2021) includes a series of residencies throughout 2021. The residencies are four weeks long, paid opportunities for creatives of any medium to develop new skills, advance their practice, research projects and create a co-designed work with the communities of the North Midlands in WA's Mid West region. The co-designed works will form the start of the 'Ebb + Flow' collection.

Year two (2022) will see the 'Ebb + Flow' collection toured to each of the artists communities with a series of workshops delivered and a new co-designed work created to be added to the 'Ebb + Flow' collection.

In year three (2023) the works created by artists in the North Midlands and in their home communities in year two will come together and be showcased in Perth as part of a regional biennale. As part of the showcase, a series of artist talks and workshops will be undertaken by the artists.

We understand things change! Even though we would love all artists to be part of the program for all three years, we understand that this may not be possible. A creative being an artist-in-residence in 2021 doesn't lock them into a three year commitment. Please note a different contract will be used for each phase (year) of the program.

Year one: Residency Package + How to Apply

The Package

  • Remuneration of $5,500 plus GST

  • Accommodation at Artist House VII in Carnamah

  • Materials up to $2,000 inclusive of GST

  • Studio and workshop space at The Exchange in Carnamah

  • Four week exhibition of your existing work at The Bank Gallery in Carnamah

  • Catered launch of your exhibition (or performance) with artist talk at The Bank Gallery in Carnamah

  • Access to our Regional Learning Hub (computers, printers + office space) in Carnamah

  • Marketing + promotion of activities

  • Please note this package is for the residency only. Other contracts offered for future phases of the project.


As part of our Ebb + Flow program, the Network has a series of planned residencies throughout 2021. The residencies are four weeks long, paid opportunities for creatives of any medium to develop new skills, advance their practice, research projects, or create new work while sharing their practice with the communities of the North Midlands in WA's Mid West region. It is the Networks intention to have each of the regions in Western Australia and the metro area represented.

Each residency consists of:

  • Exhibition/performance, launch and public artist talk at The Bank Gallery in Carnamah

  • Seven public activities/workshops/talks throughout the North Midlands

  • One collaborative work created with the community for the 2021 Ebb + Flow body of works

Residency Dates

Residency dates will be coordinated using the program schedule as a guide and working in with creatives availability.

How to Apply

Here are the three core questions of the EOI

  • Tell us about your creative practice/work (350 words max)

  • Do you have experience working with communities? If yes, please provide details (500 words max)

  • How do you plan to engage the community through A) the seven activities/workshops; and B) the final collaborative piece? (500 words max)

  • Please click here to submit your EOI

About the Regional Arts Network

Regional Arts Network

Looking to change the way the regional arts sector talk to each other, Regional Arts WA has partnered with strategically aligned local organisations to grow a Network of Hubs across the state.

The Hubs engage and respond to their local communities by providing on-ground support for their needs. Their role is to increase local decision making and strengthen relationships with local governments and stakeholders, while seeking development opportunities for artists and arts workers within their communities. Hubs connect back to a state-wide Regional Arts Network, assists in building a sustainable and thriving ecosystem of connected creative regional communities who work together in collaboration.

The network is a Regional Arts WA initiative, proudly supported by Minderoo Foundation and The Ian Potter Foundation, with funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund.


Artgold, formally Arts & Culture Goldfields Association, exists to serve and promote arts organisations, upcoming events and individual artists working in the Goldfields. The association aims to raise the profile of all arts genres by actively promoting and supporting arts activities in the wider community.

Creative Corner
Creative Corner is the peak body for Creative industries in the South West. Connecting individuals, community, organizations and businesses, to services, events, and opportunity within and outside the region.

Denmark Arts Council
Denmark Arts is the peak body for arts within the Shire of Denmark and also offers services throughout the Great Southern region and beyond. Denmark Arts runs two major festivals, Brave New Works community arts festival and the Denmark Festival of Voice as well as the very popular Denmark Arts Markets. Throughout the year Denmark Arts run a wide range of arts programs and projects as well as offering support to artists and community. They also provide art consultation within the region.

Goolarri Media Enterprises
Goolarri's artistic vision is to establish a sustainable and vibrant arts industry in the North West of Western Australia by creating and developing networks and opportunities for established, emerging and new artists as well as arts practitioners. This artistic vision is supported by Goolarri’s integrated service model and is embedded in the organisations ethos of celebrating and sharing cultural values by empowering the community through communication and the arts.

The Junction Co.
The Junction Co. is an innovative art not-for-profit organisation with a clear vision to engage, grow and empower regional creatives. We advocate and connect regional creatives with workspace, learning opportunities and networks, to uplift their endeavors and create an environment which both local community and creatives can support each other. The Junction team is made up of creative entrepreneurs, artists, strategists, graphic designers, place activators, facilitators, teachers and lovers of art and craft, who seek to actively improve community membership and engagement, encourage a balance of work and play, and assist in strengthening a Pilbara identity.

MID WEST ARTS provides connections and resources to build capacity in the creative industries in Western Australia's Mid West region. Our initiatives are designed to empower strong, connected and creative communities. MID WEST ARTS is an outcome of North Midlands Project and The Geraldton Project, who work to strengthen regional communities through high-quality and engaging arts, culture and heritage experiences.

Rave About Arts
Formerly known as the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council (RRAC), Rave About Arts is a not-for-profit organisation that builds excellence by artistic programming for vibrant livability and wellbeing across their region. They have a thirty-year presenting history, with the reputation of presenting high quality events, encouraging the development of audiences and participation, at the same time building community cohesion and identity.

Regional Arts WA
Established in 1994, Regional Arts WA (formerly Country Arts WA) is the state’s only multi-arts organisation with a purely regional focus. As an independent, membership-based, not-for-profit organisation our purpose is to celebrate and strengthen a powerful regional arts sector to contribute to connected and creative regional communities.

About North Midlands Project

We're North Midlands Project, a not-for-profit arts, culture, history and heritage organisation working towards regional Western Australia to be known for its happy, healthy communities and vibrant, connected towns. We want to hear people from the community, visitors and potential residents say 'I love this place!'

We're based in Carnamah and Geraldton in Western Australia's Mid West region and deliver quality arts, culture, history and heritage activities across the seven regional local government areas of Carnamah, Coorow, Mingenew, Morawa, Perenjori and Three Springs (collectively known as the 'North Midlands') and in the City of Greater Geraldton.

Click here to find out more about North Midlands Project or for more on Carnamah, where the residency is based, check out carnamah.town


Is this residency only for experienced applicants?
No - we welcome expressions of interest from creatives and arts facilitators at all stages of their careers.

Is this residency for visual artists only?
No - we would love to have a range of creative media throughout the residencies. This might be dance, public artwork, film, play-writing, stand-up comedy, music, poetry...

Who can apply?
Any creatives from any region of WA (including the metro area) are encouraged to apply. We aim to have all regions and the metro area represented.

Who owns the final collaborative work?
The artist will retain ownership of the final co-designed work, with the understanding that it will be available for loan in 2022 and 2023 for an exhibition of the collective works in multiple locations across WA. The copyright and intellectual property rights of the work will be held by the artist, who assigns full permission to North Midlands Project to reproduce the work in whole or part in any format (including online).

Do I need a private vehicle?
Yes - you will need a personal vehicle to travel to and from community activities. If you are unable to bring your own vehicle, please get in touch with us to discuss alternative arrangements.

Can I bring a partner/child?
Potentially, this can be discussed.

Can I bring a pet?
No - Unfortunately pets are not permitted due to potential allergies of future guests at Artist House VII.

Can multiple people apply for one residency?
Yes - we welcome group applications of up to three people.

Is there somewhere I can find out more about Carnamah and the North Midlands area?
Yes - Check out Visit Carnamah (www.carnamah.town) and the Carnamah Historical Society & Museum (www.carnamah.com.au); and take a look around our website (www.northmidlands.org.au).

SAMPLE OF Exhibitions + Works Created IN THE NORTH MIDLANDS