This resource is for artists, arts workers and arts enthusiasts to learn, participate, and connect with what they love.

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Creative Tool Box

Careers in culture and the arts are rarely linear journeys, and often require the use of several skillsets concurrently. Developing, funding, delivering, evaluating, and promoting projects are all crucial steps to success, as is awareness of your personal wellbeing.

The Creative Tool Box is designed for self-directed learning and development, to assist you in growing your personal and professional skills as you see fit. Simply select the section that best describes the area you would like to develop, and browse the relevant resources.

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Learning Hub

The Learning Hub represents the first stage of creating a digital space to celebrate and facilitate careers in the arts, by providing resources that empower individuals and organisations to create their own pathways to develop knowledge and practical skills.

Career in Arts l Practicing Artists l Arts Professionals l Arts Administrators l Applied Arts

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Connect Locally + Globally



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Register your Project

We've started a 'Creative Projects Register' to get an understanding of the types of projects that are being developed and what resources/investment is needed to bring them to life!

We're part of the state Regional Arts Network and speak with many organisations, funders and individuals looking to support or collaborate in creative projects. Using the Creative Projects Register we intend to connect project owners explore joint investment opportunities, amplify/grow projects or simply brainstorm concepts/future initiatives.

By registering your project, you share your goals and improve your reach to potential funders, partners, and participants

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Your Voice is a permanently open communication avenue for people to have their say on what they think can be done better to assist in driving continuous improvement in the creative industry.

The aim of this Your Voice is to collect feedback and ideas which are collated quarterly and shared with the creative industry sector to make positive change.

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Make it Better!!

This is a free and democratic resource that adapts as the creative landscape changes. The sections and links you see are just examples of what is possible. We invite everyone to expand and build upon this structure to strengthen arts in our vast Mid West region.

All ideas, feedback or content suggestions are warmly welcomed through the Make It Better contributors portal.