One constant throughout life is change

Ebb+Flow is the artistic theme for our programs in 2021.

The theme encourages community members to join a series of ten artists-in-residence throughout the year to explore how changes in our regional communities are often temporary. That there are periods of decline and growth, drought and rain, hardship and prosperity... that factors outside of our control ebb and flow.

Ebb+Flow will work with the creative and collaborative nature of arts to explore the past and look to the future of our communities in the North Midlands.

Artists in Residence

During 2021 ten artists from around the state will be undertaking a four week residency in the North Midlands exploring the theme of Ebb + Flow. Each residency will include seven community workshops to be held in different towns, schools, hospitals and at Culture + Arts Community Days.

During each residency a new artwork will be created collaboratively by the artist and the community. At the end of the year the ten works created from the residencies will come together for an Ebb + Flow exhibition.

Welcome + Connect with Mikaela Castledine

Mikaela joins us from Perth in May 2021 as our fourth of ten artists-in-residence.

"My practice consists, most recently, of crochet sculptural works. Despite being best known for my animal form sculptures I am actually more interested in people than animals and my work is usually inspired by our relationships with animals. Often my work is a mnemonic, a way of helping me to think about an idea or a problem.

Crocheting every stitch helps me to organically grow my sculptures while at the same time considering shape and meaning and relationships. While I am an artist and a writer I also have a degree in biology and am very interested in the way that science helps us to understand our world and our place in it as well as our effect on it. I have always thought that science and art are very similar as both try to address the issues that confront us and seek answers and understanding"

During Mikaela's residency she will be facilitating workshops held in different towns, schools and at community days, and through a professional workshop at The Exchange in Carnamah. Mikaela will also create a new work collaboratively with the community in response to the Ebb + Flow theme. Please see below details of the creative activities you can get involved with.

You can connect with and find out more about Mikaela's work on. her website, facebook + blog.


You're invited to check out artist in residence Mikaela Castledine's exhibition at The Bank Gallery, 8 Macpherson Street in Carnamah.

10am to 2pm on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th May
10am to 2pm on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May

These works form part of an anthology of sculptural illustrations of personal fairytales, made from childhood memories and family chronicles. The exhibition is populated with characters from my childhood and from stories that have been lent to me by others. Once brought to life they will tell new stories of bones and blood, of falling and fear and all the many beatings of your heart.

Act Belong Commit Twig Sculptures

We invite you to be guided by Mikaela Castledine to create an animal sculpture using found twigs from local trees. These are free workshops and no RSVP is required.

10am to 1pm on Wednesday 19th May at The Exchange, 4 Macpherson Street in Carnamah.

11am to 2pm on Sunday 23rd May at Byrne Park in Three Springs (or in the town hall if it's raining).

Create your own FOUND POEM

You're invited to join Mikaela for a FOUND POEM workshop.

This workshop involves taking a page cut from a book and choosing a series of words to form a poem then blackening the rest of the words on the page so it stands out.

1pm to 3pm on Thursday 20th May at The Exchange, 4 Macpherson Street in Carnamah. This is a free workshop and no RSVP is required. We look forward to seeing you!

STAY CONNECTED with your EBB + FLOW artists

Lynda Howitt

Lynda joined us from Geraldton mid February to early March 2021 as our first of ten artist-in-residence.

Lynda is an Artist, Designer and Soulseeker based at Geraldton in WA's Mid West region. Her work breathes a soul resonance and aims to illuminate the soul by evoking its sensibility. Through her unique blend of art, design and spirituality and her free-flowing, intuitive process, her work holds a greater sense of peace, inspiring our natural state of wellbeing.

While in residence Lynda connected with the community through nine activities across the North Midlands including schools, specialised workshops and at culture + arts days. You can check out the some of Lynda's photos of her her time with us below!

Stay connected or find out more about Lynda's work through her website and on Facebook and Instagram.

Workshop with Mingenew Painting Group

Exhibition at The Bank Gallery Carnamah

Workshop with Create in Company

Workshop with Perenjori Primary School

Workshop at Summer Nights Carnamah

Workshop at Carnamah District Highschool

Workshop with Morawa District Highschool

Workshop at Summer Nights Three Springs

Workshop with Three Springs Primary

Stay connected with Martine Perret

Martine joined us from Margaret River in March 2021 as our second of ten artist-in-residence.

Martine Perret is a photographer and artist living in Margaret River in Western Australia's South West region. After a long career in photojournalism, covering UN peacekeeping missions in conflict zones, Martine now focuses her time on producing work in and around Western Australia with a strong focus on the aerial landscape as a storytelling tool.

While in residence Martine connected with the community through eight activities across the North Midlands including schools, specialised workshops at culture + arts days and charted a flight and took photos of Yarra Yarra Lakes. You can check out the some of Martine's photos of her time with us below!

Stay connected and find out more about Martine's work through her website + Facebook

Workshop at Summer Nights Morawa

Photographing Yarra Yarra Lakes

Workshop at Carnamah District High School

Exhibition at The Bank Gallery Carnamah

Exhibition at The Bank Gallery Carnamah

Workshop with Perenjori Primary School

Workshop with Coorow Primary School

Workshop at Summer Nights Coorow

Stay connected with Sarah-Jayne Eeles

Sarah-Jayne (SJ) joined us from the Goldfields in April 2021 as our third of ten artists-in-residence.

SJ is a writer, performer, and producer (and a few other odd and random hats) who considers herself both an Esperance and Goldfields local having grown up in both places. Her current base is Kalgoorlie where she is involved in the extremely rich and diverse local arts community.

While in residence Sarah-Jayne connected with the community through a meet the author high tea, workshops with the regional writing group Scribes of North Midlands, activities at the Our History Our Heritage Festival event in Carnamah, and workshops with students from Carnamah, Coorow, Mingenew and Three Springs. You can check out the some photos of SJ's time with us below.

Stay connected and find out more about SJ's work through her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Ready for community immersion at the Our History Our Heritage Festival in Carnamah!

Workshop at Three Springs Primary School

High Tea In-Conversation with Sarah-Jayne

SJ taking five with the banner of one of the major supporters of Ebb+Flow

Workshop with Mingenew Primary School

Workshop at Carnamah District High School

Mentoring our Youth Ambassador, Jaylin

Stay Connected + Get Involved

We hope to see you soon! To stay up to date with Ebb + Flow activities, keep an eye on your local paper; follow North Midlands Project on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or return to our website.

Some help with life's Ebb's + Flow's

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Supporters improving the health, wellbeing, liveability + vibrancy of regional WA
Ebb+Flow has been made possible thanks to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and Lotterywest Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program; and through our partnership with Healthway empowering the North Midlands community to Act Belong Commit. Our thanks to Minderoo Foundation for supporting the travel and transport costs of the artists.


Ebb+Flow is a collaboration with the the Regional Arts Network.

The network is a Regional Arts WA initiative, proudly supported by Minderoo Foundation and The Ian Potter Foundation, with funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund.

"One constant throughout life is change. We ebb and flow..."