# power of art


THEORY of change

We believe quality cross-sector co-designed arts and cultural initiatives have the power to strengthen communities and make direct impacts on health, wellbeing, livability, vibrancy, social cohesion and contentedness. We believe in the #Power Of Art!

Our impact

For regional Western Australia to be known for its happy and healthy communities and vibrant, connected towns. We want to hear people from the community, visitors and potential residents say 'I love this place!' Please view our Almanac for highlights.

How we Do It + Evaluate

Our Programs

How we do it

Our annual 'Community Strengthening Program' is our co-design collective impact program linked to community need. The program utilises arts, culture and heritage as the vehicle to drive positive outcome-based impact. To allow for transferability between geographic locations the program framework is structured on the on Fibonacci Sequence. 66.6% of the framework is structured with 33.3% fluid allowing for organic movement to align to changing community need and cultural nuance difference.


  1. Annual 'Community Need' is assessed using the #StrongerTogether framework with sector advisers and the community.
  2. The community needs are mapped into a deliverable social impact logic model.
  3. The deliverable logic model is workshopped by our Artistic, Cultural & Wellness Directors to create the annual Community Strengthening Program.
  4. On completion, the program is reviewed/approved by the Management Committee to ensure the program links to strategy, purpose, objectives and financial capacity.
  5. The program is executed by the Program Delivery + Evaluation team by engaging with artistic, cultural, and heritage practitioners and accessing/leveraging assets.

How we evaluate the programs

Our 'Social Impact Evaluation Framework' is our process to monitor outcomes and outputs through a series of data collection systems which are overlaid against our community needs to assess social impact on a short (12 months), medium (5 years) and long term (20+ years) periods.

OUR Values

As a team we bring creativity, integrity and a genuine passion for the arts, culture, history and heritage to create happy, healthy communities and vibrant + connected towns. We value:

Access - We embrace and encourage diverse ideas that are inclusive of all community groups and individuals.

Collaboration - We are strong believers in and are committed to working with the community, artistic and health practitioners, local organisations and government. Our programs are built on a collaborative impact and co-design models.

Creativity - We pride ourselves on being an enthusiastic, engaging organisation that fosters expression, innovation and imagination. We are a learning network that pushes the boundaries challenging the stats quo.

Professionalism - We operate our organisation with the highest level of integrity, excellence and respect responding directly to evidence based research and evaluation. Our programs are designed and evaluated using social impact logic modelling.

Our Methodologies

Following are the nine methodologies that underpin North Midlands Project's approach and epigenetics:

  • Collaborative Impact Model – cross sector/community inclusiveness
  • Encouraging continuous improvement through challenging the status quo
  • Learning culture allowing mitigated risk
  • Grass roots co-designed and purpose-driven programs
  • Outcomes focused using social impact evaluation framework
  • Organic flexibility for adaptability and transference based on the 70/30 Fibonacci Sequence Model
  • Community empowerment – social, cultural and environmental change for long-term impact
  • Growing groups of common interest and volunteering culture
  • Leveraging learnings to maximise the impact – the good, the great, challenges and opportunities

PILLAR 1 Strengthen + Learn from our Community

Outcome: Happy, healthy people living in a connected, vibrant and creative community

PILLAR 2 Leverage the Impact

Outcome: Other regions empowered to lead positive change to strengthen their communities

PILLAR 3 Exemplary Leadership

Outcome: Continuous improvement of our tools, partnerships, safety + support frameworks driving innovation and positive impact

PILLAR 4 Purpose-Driven Team

Outcome: Dynamic and passionate team committed to strengthening regional communities