The Team

The North Midlands Project team is comprised of highly experienced and qualified leaders in multi-disciplinary professions from both the not-for-profit, community and commercial sectors. The 'Annual Community Strengthening Program' is driven by the North Midlands North Midlands Advisory Board, developed by the Artistic, Cultural & Wellness Directors and executed by the Program Delivery & Evaluation Team. Organisational strategy, governance and compliance is regulated by the Management Committee.

The North Midlands Advisory Board

The North Midlands Advisory Board is a group of professionals from local government, business, health, justice, education and the civil services sector in the North Midlands. The team is the heart and soul of the organisation identifying community need, providing recommendations and driving engagement to maximise program outcomes. Currently there is one positions available for this team. Please contact David at to discuss and/or express interest.

Program Development Team

The Artistic, Cultural & Wellness Directors are comprised of highly creative practitioners from diverse artistic, health, cultural, education, history, emerging technology and heritage disciplines. They push the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm, challenging the status quo providing 'best practice' recommendations creating unique visions to empower the organisation to achieve its objectives. Currently there are no vacant positions available in this team. 

Social Science

Social Scientist
Jackie Gill

Jackie has extensive experience in the building and evaluation of social capital through her work with local, state and national organisations and government agencies. Jackie's formal education spans Facilitation & Group Management, Business and Future Studies.

Jackie will be coordinating our Social Engineering Team to further enhance the evaluation framework, impact measurement tools and reporting methods of our programs in the North Midlands, Geraldton and Mullewa.

Youth Ambassador

Gabrielle Butler is a young emerging visual artist, filmmaker and photographer from the Shire of Perenjori, one of the six local government areas that make up the North Midlands. Gabrielle is presently studying a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University majoring in Screen Art with a minor in Photography. Gabby has shown works in the Year 12 Perspectives at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Throughout 2018 Gabrielle will work with our Artistic, Cultural and Wellness team to assist in delivering our Community Strengthening Program supported by Act-Belong-Commit. She will also help shape the 2019 program ensuring our youth activities remain relevant.

Community Project Supervisors 

The organisation employs several part-time Community Project Supervisors that assist in the delivery of community outcome focused projects.

The Management Committee

Andrew Bowman

Andrew is the virtual curator and a project manager of the Carnamah Historical Society & Museum, works independently as a researcher and cultural heritage consultant and formerly held positions with the State Library of Western Australia Foundation and Curtin University. 

His work promoting the history and heritage of Carnamah, a town and farming community in WA's Mid West, was acknowledged with the Outstanding Newcomer Professor David Dolan Award at the 2013 Western Australian Heritage Awards.  He played an integral role in four WA projects winning Museums and Galleries National Awards (MAGNAs) in 2014 and 2015 and in the Carnamah Historical Society winning the Outstanding Community Organisation category in the 2015 Western Australian Heritage Awards.

In recent years Andrew has served on the boards of the Young Australia League, Royal Western Australian Historical Society, History Council of Western Australia and the WA branch of Museums Australia.

Andrew is both the Co-Chair of the organisation and its Heritage Director.

Jane King

Jane is the Gallery Manager at JCG (John Curtin Gallery), the Art Gallery at Curtin University. She has previously held the roles as Head of Member Development at Artsource, Executive Director, State Library of WA Foundation and Executive Officer Museums Australia. 

She is also the Vice President of Museums Galleries Australia WA Branch, the peak body for Museums and Galleries. Jane also represents the Collection Sector on FutureNow's Industry Advisory Group, and was a founding board member of the Chamber of Arts and Culture in Western Australia. 

Jane has degrees in Economics and Fine Art, and a postgraduate Diploma in Management. In 2015 Jane attended the Museum Leadership Program at Macquarie University. On behalf of her organisation, Jane received the 2015 MAGNA Exhibition award for small museum exhibition, the 2010 Western Australian Heritage Award and the 2009 WA Business and the Arts Partnership Award. Jane was a State finalist in the Telstra Business Women's Awards 2014.

Jane is also a practising artist, and sometimes freelance curator. She is both the Co-Chair and an Artistic Director within the organisation.

Anne Chapple

Anne has a diverse working life experience, from her first position in education, through to involvement in the arts, event management, tourism, marketing, fundraising, history and heritage. This activity has been complemented by her passion for and extensive participation in community and community engagement. Anne has been involved in a number of very successful on-going community projects proving that the strength and power of the community can and does initiate and implement change.

Being born and bred in country Western Australia, Anne has a deep love of the rural areas of Western Australia and believes that the North Midlands project will be an instrument of inspiration and a model for other small communities to follow in establishing their own enterprises. Anne's love for and knowledge of the arts, culture, heritage and education are all satisfied and stimulated by this project and is very proud to be part of such a creative and innovative endeavour.

Fritha Zentner

Fritha is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and has completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Accounting and Taxation at Curtin University. She has extensive experience in Public Practice for small to large businesses including those in the non-profit sector. 

Fritha grew up in Geraldton and is passionate about the Mid West region. Her mother is a prominent Geraldton artist who has spent the last 30 years creating and leading artistic, cultural, heritage and education projects to benefit the local community. Through this Fritha understands the benefits of community engagement to it's health and well-being and is thrilled to assist North Midlands Project reach it's goals in these areas.

Board Member
Tamara Hill

Tamara currently works within early childhood and special needs education. She is dedicated to assisting the young and socially challenged to find, value and share their voice. Completing a Visual Art degree in 2012 Tamara exhibited numerous multidisciplinary artworks and highly values the discourse provoked through relational aesthetics and performance art.

Tamara advocates for the ineffable contribution the arts, culture, heritage and education offer to community enhancement and is excited to facilitate this in its many forms and on all levels. 
Tamara holds both a board and an Artistic Director role in the organisation.

Board Member
Penelope Wheeler

Penelope is an experienced business administrator and is presently a Global Service Line Coordinator for People & Organisation Support at Rio Tinto. In addition to holding other high-level administration positions, she previously worked as a Workplace Learning Coordinator & Career Adviser with the Department of Education.

Penelope brings strength to the board around compliance, governance and the development of policies and procedures. She appreciates arts, culture, heritage and education and the positive impact it has on people of all ages.

Executive Director
David Bright

Over 17 years David has successfully developed and managed capacity building projects in corporate, community and the social enterprise / non-profit sectors in Australia, Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Leading high-performing teams he has established organisations, assisted in scaling-up and created sustainable models allowing focus on dreaming BIG to create awesome legacies.

David has a genuine passion to empower people and strengthen communities through emerging technologies, the arts, cultural and education initiatives. He is personally committed to placing his energy where he can add value to an organisation, its people and outcomes. David's ongoing mission is to explore new ways of working with each other, moving beyond the conventional, challenging the status quo.