Women of the Hinterlands

Renowned photographer Martine Perret spent time in residence with North Midlands Project in 2021 and 2022. During both of her stays she worked with local women across the North Midlands to capture their perspectives, experiences, and stunning portraits. 

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Across 2021 and early 2022 ten artists, one from each region of Western Australia, undertook a four-week residency in the North Midlands exploring the theme of Ebb+Flow. Each residency included workshops held in different towns, schools and at local events with a co-designed work created with each artist and the community. 

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a PASTORAList family

In 2019 local Mid West artists took part in The Alternative Archive of exhibitions across Western Australia that explored themes embedded in local archives and collections. Our exhibition told the story of the Scottish and Aboriginal members of the Macpherson family, who left their mark on our region.

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A large-scale artwork across twelve narrow canvases, created collaboratively in 2018 by our first international artist-in-residence Lupe Gallo with youth from Carnamah, Coorow and Perenjori.

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10863 Bushranger

Presented by Act Belong Commit, a series of artworks by Perth visual artist Di Taylor around the life and stories of Western Australian bushranger Frank Thomas. Di was the first artist-in-residence contracted to collaborate with North Midlands Project and The Bank Gallery in Carnamah in 2017.

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The making of 10863 Bushranger

Insights into the ambition and realisation of 10863 Bushranger presented by Act Belong Commit. The exhibition encouraged positive mental wellbeing and engaged with over 23,000 people during its first three months!

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Investing in The Bank

The backstory that led to the building of the Bank of Australasia in Carnamah in 1930; its life over the years and its transformation into The Bank Gallery, which was opened in 2017 during the Australian Heritage Festival.

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Virtual Museum

A series of 14 award-winning online exhibitions exploring themes of our region's local history on the website of the Carnamah Historical Society. From the Midland Railway to toys, life before electricity and much more! North Midlands Project is proud to have co-created several of these exhibitions.

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Three Springs Time CapsuLE

In 2020 the capsule was unearthed during the inaugural Act-Belong-Commit Three Springs Community Day. Our thanks to Shire of Three Springs and the Community Action Group (CAG) for giving us the honour of sharing the many items and photos that were inside the capsule on this page.

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Our HIstory, Our Heritage

Five minute film created in 2018 to share a selection of historic images, photographs and stories from Carnamah, Coorow, Mingenew, Morawa, Perenjori and Three Springs.

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Australian Curriculum resources

A suite of ten award-winning Australian Curriculum education resources that can be used from the classroom with online content. The resources span all primary years with links to the Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), English, Visual Arts and other curriculum areas. North Midlands Project is proud to have co-created several of these resources with The Carnamah Historical Society and Museum. Click here to view the suite of education resources

We're proud to work with Healthway to promote the Act Belong Commit message through our Creative Community Program. Our many thanks to the Government of Western Australia, Healthway and Act Belong Commit for helping keep our community happy, healthy, creative and connected.