Lupe Gallo

In 2018 Lupe Gallo was the inaugural international artist-in-residence hosted by the North Midlands Project and The Bank Gallery in Carnamah. Lupe conducted a series of community and school workshops across the region. Her residency explored the perception of the community as seen through an outsider's eyes.

About Lupe

"I am Argentinean by birth, and an Earthling by heart. Art in most of its forms of expression is what I do and seek in life. The abnormalities of society and we people, colours, sensual shapes, nature and the unknown are the subjects that call the most of my attention and display in my works. We are a whole, we are interconnected and we are able to expand. And that’s what my art is about."

The Residency

"Having spent some time in the North Midlands, in particular around Carnamah, Coorow and Perenjori, I portrayed an inclusive design where it’s subdivided into regions, connecting together through an expansive group of squares. From left to right, we begin with Perenjori then Coorow and finalising with Carnamah. The project begun with the amazing help and collaboration through a series of workshops with the kids from each school.

Each square symbolises its people, traditions, the surrounding nature, the region and its history, making a colourful and welcoming painting, which is exactly what I wanted to display about the North Midlands. Its people are welcoming, inquisitive; one can experience a comforting silence, a vast sky filled with stars and many, many smiles. The colours represent the openness and the need for more openness and inclusion, playing with the past and the present simultaneously.

There’s a poem which I wrote while staying in Carnamah spread within the painting, which it describes with rhythm my perception of the region."

The Poem

The air, its silence

The space around

The gap in between,

The smells of the trees

The constant light in the sky

That makes you dance all night

A dance of peacefulness

Where the emptiness becomes full

A silent anxiety

Elusive and afar

That transforms into stars.

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