Year Books

Each year we deliver arts, culture, history and health activities, workshops, performances, exhibitions and events across the southern half of Western Australia's vast Mid West region. Check out some of our yearly highlights below.







People's Collection 


A Pastoralist Family 

10863 Bushranger


Investing in The Bank

Our History, Our Heritage

Three Springs
Time Capsule

Virtual Museum 

Act Belong Commit Youth Ambassadors

Each year we appoint an Act-Belong-Commit Youth Ambassador to work with us and join our Artistic, Cultural and Wellness Directors. They help shape our creative programs by ensuring our youth activities remain relevant and deliver parts of our Act-Belong-Commit Creative Strengthening Program.

If you live in the Mid West region, are aged 18 to 25 and are interested in being our 2021 Youth Ambassador, please get in touch with an email to 

2021 + 2022

Jaylin Kite

We're proud to work with Healthway to promote the Act Belong Commit message through our Creative Community Program. Our many thanks to the Government of Western Australia, Healthway and Act Belong Commit for helping keep our community happy, healthy, creative and connected.