# Power of ART

happy + healthy communities, VIBRANT + CONNECTED TOWNS


Each year we deliver over 300 arts, cultural and heritage workshops, exhibitions, performances and events across the southern portion of Western Australia's Mid West region. Check out What's On, some of our former highlights in The Almanac or our growing Regional Collection.

Artwork: 'Perceptions' by Lupe Gallo and local youth


Are you thinking about starting up new creative community group in the North Midlands, or need some assistance with one already running?

Get in touch! We can help with planning, marketing, insurance and providing a space for the group to run activities. #StrongerTogether

Mural: 'Together We Are Stronger' by Di Taylor and local youth

Act-belong-Commit CREATIVE @ HOME

Keep active + stay connected with a range of 'Creative @ Home' activities, workshops, community projects and more. The program is updated weekly with new activities from our local community and around the world!

Can you recommend an addition to the program? Would you like to do a live-streamed gig or workshop? Click here to get in touch!

Stronger COMMUNITIES Network

The 'Stronger Communities Network' is our capacity building framework providing best practice models, guidance and resources to regional communities and future leaders.

Methodologies and tools are developed from our community strengthening projects. The network is designed to provide adaptable frameworks and program design methods using Fibonacci modelling.

For further details, please contact executive@strongercommunites.network

and our Creative Sector STRENGTHENING PROJECT...

We're proud to work with Healthway to promote the Act-Belong-Commit message through our Community Strengthening Program. Our many thanks to the Government of Western Australia, Healthway and Act-Belong-Commit for helping keep our community happy, healthy and connected.