Three SPrings Time Capsule

In 1949 a new town hall was opened in Three Springs, with local celebrations including a Debutante Ball. Five decades later a Farewell Ball was held to say goodbye to the building before it was demolished. To mark the occasion, a time capsule was buried which included items and photos from the opening and closing of the hall as well as snapshots of the community in 1998.

In 2020 the capsule was unearthed during the inaugural Act-Belong-Commit TS Community Day. Our thanks to Shire of Three Springs and the Community Action Group (CAG) for giving us the honour of sharing the many items and photos that were inside the capsule on this page.

The debutantes presented at the Debutante Ball after the official opening of the Three Springs Road Board Hall in 1939

  • Back Row (standing) - Margaret Campbell, Hazel Chappel, Rhonda Bussenschutt, Connie Bussenschutt, Edith Hunter, Betty Barrett, June Millard, Maxine McKenzie, Mary Buckley, Dorothy Buckle.

  • Third Row - Jean Willis, Nona Willis, Doris Thorpe, Verna Maley, Nadine Howard, Shirley Hunter

  • Second Row - Faith Martin, Beryl Long, Gem Maley, Maureen Buckle

  • Front Row - June Gooch and Marlene Martin

Returning Debutantes

14 of the debutantes from 1949 returned and were presented at the Farewell Ball for the hall in 1998. They were:

Verna Sweetman (Maley), Connie Turner (Bussenschutt), Rhonda Stokes (Bussenschutt), Margaret Norton (Campbell), Jean Allen (Willis), Hazel Bothe (Chappel), June Sinclair (Millard), Gem Hamill (Maley), Beryl Pethick (Long), Dorothy Gannon (Buckle), Nona Scott (Willis), Marlene Deussel (Martin), Faith Kelly (Martin), Betty Purdy (Barrett).

Items from 1998

  • Photos of buildings along Railway Road in Three Springs

  • A copy of local paper the Yakabout from 19 October 1998

  • Photos of staff and students at Three Springs Primary School

  • Letters from students to themselves in 20 years time

  • An edition of Farm Weekly and The West Australian

  • Community profile brochure for Three Springs

  • Three Springs Telephone Directory

  • Histories given by shire president Vic Haeusler and time capsule coordinator Jenny Mutter

Railway Road in Three Springs in 1998

  • Foodland Supermarket owned by Ollie and Brenton Rossack

  • Three Springs Post Office owned by Sue and Colin Ward

  • War Memorial with Lions Club behind

  • Commercial Hotel owned by David and Peg Chalkley

  • Duffy's Shops on the right and at the time the home of Biddy Duffy

  • Hey Judes clothing store owned by Judy Cruickshank with the massage and therapy business owned by Keith Page-Sharp on the right. Local accountant Andrew Fitzgibbons also worked from this building.

  • R.T.C. and Craftteas Cafe owned by Milton and Jenny Bond

  • National Australian Bank (NAB) with Jenny Mutter Jnr's Calico Farm Crafts on the right (in building kindly provided by Garry and Ric Rossiter)

  • Sweetmans Hardware owned by Ian Sweetman

  • Three Springs General Store owned by Keith Howard

  • The old hall, which was opened in 1949 and farewelled in 1998

Key to the main door of the old hall alongside a Three Springs Bowling Club badge. The badge had belonged to Mrs Connie Turner's mother Millie and is engraved on the back E. M. Busseschutt 1955.

THree Springs Primary School in 1998

Pre Primary of Three Springs Primary School in 1998
Back Row - Brandon Mitchinson, Matthew Berkhout, Shane Desmond, John Turner, Luke Nottage, Joshua Fiegert, Jaye Colegate, Steven Lewis
Middle Row - James Dalgetty, Caitlin Tully, Teneika Staines, Amanda Berkhout, Lauren Arthur, Zoe Blight
Front Row - Eric McGree, Isobel Wilkins, Richelle Antonio, Kaitlin Stokes, Madelaine, Stokes
Absent - Emma Lake, Karla Van Der Kley, Tom Stace, Wesley Combridge
Teacher - Chris Sweetman; Teacher's Aides - Blossem Little, Debbie Mallard

Year 1 + 2 of Three Springs Primary School in 1998
Back Row - Krystal Innes, Carissa Antonio, Isobel Broad, Liam, Cirulis, Daniel Bond, Braiden Purdy
Middle Row - Bradley Desmond, Emily Stokes, Sarah Combridge, Catelyn Allington, Bernadette Dalgetty, Kade Mutter
Front Row - Lauren Elks, Chloe Colegate, Caitlin Miller, Tamarra Wright, Clementine Broad, Elaine Dalgetty
Teacher - Mrs Maree Bateman

Click here to read the letters the Year 1 + 2 students wrote to their future selves in 1998

Year 3, 4 + 5 of Three Springs Primary School in 1998
Back Row - Rhys Innes, Jonathon Wilson, Matthew Mardsden, Erica David, Robert Bond, Aaron Innes, Travis Allington, Giles Stace
Middle Row - Brayden Staines, Jason Mawson, Reece Cirulis, Joel Marsh, Matthew Elks, Ashley Bone, James David, Nash Hunter, Steele Purdy
Front Row - Caitlin Hauesler, Emily Thompson, Kimberley Miller, Amy Antonio, Jessica Carter, Toni Marsden, Kayla Mitchinson, Rachele Harrison, Cian Colegate
Teacher - Mrs Maryke Rossiter

Click here to read the letters the Year 3, 4 + 5 students wrote to their future selves in 1998

Year 6 + 7 of Three Springs Primary School in 1998
Back Row - Ben Taylor, Ben Sweetman, David Cruickshank, Derek McDonald, Ben Marsh, Christopher Wilson, Andrew Carter, Chad Little, Dion Reed
Middle Row - Gerard Bone, Clay Bussenschutt, Tyson Little, Bradley Thomas, Mark Allington, Darcy Stace, John Miller, Jarrad Turner
Front Row - Caitlin Searle, Melissa Arthur, Jenna Antonio, Susi Hauesler, Krista David, Kirstyn Treloar, Georgia Miller, Alice Tucker
Teacher - Mrs Diane Searle

Click here to read the letters the Year 6 + 7 students wrote to their future selves in 1998

Staff of Three Springs Primary School in 1998
Back Row - Tracey Desmond, Rhonda Bastian, Maree Bateman, Kerry Mutter, Chris Sweetman, Dianne Searle
Front Row - Noeleen Little, Alicia Carter, Maryke Rossiter, Robert Searle, Maxine Russ, Debbie Mallard, Anne Mitchinson


The time capsule was sealed at the ball to say farewell to the old hall in Three Springs during October 1998. At the opening of Federation Park in November 2000, the capsule was buried within the park's McAleer Gardens. Mrs Jenny Mutter coordinated the capsule in 1998 and she returned to Three Springs to unearth the capsule on 17 October 2020, assisted by Mrs Chris Lane, President of the Shire of Three Springs.

Most of the capsule's contents can be seen on this page. We look forward to sharing a few additional items at the an Act Belong Commit Three Springs Community Day in 2021.

We're proud to work with Healthway to promote the Act-Belong-Commit message through our Community Strengthening Program. Our many thanks to the Government of Western Australia, Healthway and Act-Belong-Commit for helping keep our community happy, healthy and connected.