The Exchange Carnamah

Open 10am to 1pm Wednesdays, Thursdays + Fridays
4 Macpherson Street, Carnamah

Arts studio, Edge Gallery, book exchange, community loungeroom, digital learning hub, tourist information, free WiFi, and event space.

Presently Showing - Act Belong Commit Exhibition Series: Women of the Hinterlands, a series of portraits of women from in and near the North Midlands, captured by photographer Martine Perret.

The Exchange + Gallery Mingenew

Open Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 2pm + Fridays 10am to noon
50 Midlands Road, Mingenew

Gallery, community loungeroom, book exchange, and tourist information.

The Exchange+Gallery is a collaboration between North Midlands Project and the Mingenew Community Resource Centre.

Presently Showing - Act Belong Commit Exhibition Series: Ray of Colour showcasing a range of works by local artist Rayleen Spencer.

Community BUSH Garden

Open 10am to 1pm Wednesdays, Thursdays + Fridays
4 Macpherson Street, Carnamah

Bush food and medicinal community garden located at the front of The Exchange. Open Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays 10am to 1pm. Plans are underway to expand the garden to the block at the front of Artist House VII. Send your ideas to

Artist House VII

Dedicated artist residency in Carnamah within walking distance to shops, the local cafe, hotel, post office, TransWA bus stop, gallery, museum, and arts studio at The Exchange.

If you're an artist, creative practitioner or arts organisation interested in spending time in regional WA in 2023 or beyond, please complete our EOI form so we can get in touch as suitable opportunities arise.

THe bank gallery

Presently CLOSED
8 Macpherson Street, Carnamah

1930s bank and residence restored and re-purposed as a regional gallery, open for an annual program of exhibitions and events. Discover the story of The Bank or view a selection of previous exhibitions online.

Following a range of lighting, exhibition and accessibility improvements, The Bank Gallery will be reopening later in 2023.

Creative @ Home PLATFORM

Online + Open 24/7

Act Belong Commit Creative @ Home is our platform is for people to build and maintain connections while at home due to geographic location, needing to self-isolate or for people that have difficultly connecting directly with the community. 

Creative activities, online courses, virtual exhibitions and much more. Open 24/7 online! Click here to jump online now!


On a road near you!

The van helping make things happen across the region! Moving supplies, workshop materials, exhibitions and at times serving as a mobile studio.
Betsy is the hardest working member of the team, helping bring creative spaces to life!