Lunch Box Learning

@ Geraldton Regional Art Gallery

You are invited to the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery for the Artlands Conversation Series presented by Regional Arts Australia and supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund.

The sessions will be streamed live in the theatrette, light refreshments served and conversations held after about how the learnings relate in a local Mid West context. Light refreshment will be served but you are also welcome to bring your lunch.

  • Refreshments start upstairs at noon

  • Session 12:30pm to 1:30pm

  • Local conversation + networking 1:30pm to 2pm

  • There is no charge to attend these events

You have the option to attend the sessions in person at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery (GRAG) or online.

Navigating the Pandemic: Risk and Temptation, Drawing the Community Together

In a world where collective experience of live performance has been severely restricted and being physically close with a stranger comes with it the risk of infection, how do we navigate engagement?

This critical conversation will consider the residual effects of enforced social distancing on a medium that celebrates the collective experience; and the opportunity it presents to do things differently.

In a conversation facilitated by Kath Melbourne, join Lindy Hume, Kelly Drummond Cawthorn, Caroline Sharpen, and Ruth Langford as they explore what it might mean to come together in the future.

Image: Kath Melbourne Workshop. Photo: Sarah Gilligan

Transformative Experiences: How art and creativity can create pathways to recovery

"We talk endlessly about resilience; but resilient communities that can best withstand the impact of disaster are those with a network of social connections across different groups. Creativity, particularly creative practice that has its origins and development within a community, is a potent catalyst for social connection, compassion and ultimately, resilience." Amanda Grant

Evidence overwhelmingly suggests that art and creativity develop strength and connectedness, and can often lead a path out of trauma towards recovery and renewal.

Join facilitator Amanda Grant as she speaks with Vanessa Keenan, Christopher Cowes and Mahony Maia Kiely about the impact catastrophic bushfires have on artists; and the social and psychological recovery that accompanies arts projects undertaken in communities that have experienced these unexpected events.

Image: Hope Leaf. Artist Doug Tarrant. Photo: Amanda Grant

Connection in Times of Isolation

What role do we want technology to play in connecting our art practices to the wider world? What skills are artists working in isolated or remote parts of the world equipped with? Can issues such as digital saturation and digital inequality be overcome in order to create a more sustainable future?

Like many regional artists, Kim Goldsmith and Alana Hunt often create work in relatively isolated parts of Australia. Their experience of digital collaboration and connection through programs like Arts Territory Exchange offers hope that physical isolation can be buffered sustainably by digital connection.

Image: Kim V. Goldsmith Working. Photo: Cameron Porteous

Artlands Conversation Series presented by Regional Arts Australia, supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund and made available as a lunch box learning with support from Geraldton Regional Art Gallery and North Midlands Project.