Get Creative For HeaLth + Happiness

ACT-BELONG-COMMIT Young Artists Academy

The Act-Belong-Commit Young Artists Academy provides imaginative art + craft and creative coding activities each week. It is a free and fun way for families to stay active and connected while at home.

You or a family member can do one-off activities or complete a series to graduate.

To keep the fun going you can book a free 'Family Zoom' session with one of our creative team for each of the activities. All the details are below!

Anyone anywhere is welcome to take part of the Academies activities and graduate.

Get creative for health + happiness!


Below are the different activities from the Academy to get creative with. Check back each week for new art, craft and digital activities. Keep reading below to find out more on how to graduate.

ACTIVITIES Coming Soon...

Egg Carton Crazy Critters

Turn your old egg cartons into the craziest little critters around. Lizzy will show you how to make a ladybug and a turtle and you can show us what other crazy critters you’ve been able to create!


Following on from our USING : THE CODE challenge (above) you will take your name turned into a Binary Code and make it into an artwork with Richelle.


In this digital activity Richelle will introduce us to LightBot! Lightbot is a programming puzzle game challenging the use of programming logic to solve levels.

Paper Bangers

Cover your ears! In this activity we make paper bangers. Lizzy will show you how to fold your paper so that when you flick it, it makes a loud BANG! Lizzy will also show you how to make organic confetti to put inside for an extra special bang!

Extend THE FUN with a Free Family Zoom!

Act-Belong-Commit FAMILY ZOOM

Pull up a chair... welcome to our Act-Belong-Commit Family Zoom! You and your family are invited to choose a time with one of our creatives to participate in any of the above art, craft or digital coding activities.

For a safe, personal and social experience, each session is designed for one family and our creative. Sessions are free and run for around 20 minutes in a private Zoom room. Extended family members are encouraged to join in from different locations.

You can book a session by clicking the session link in each activity or checking out our Family Zoom page.

As our sessions are designed as a safe space for people of all ages to get creative together, we ask that a parent is on the session at all times.

Family Zooms are available to people living in the Mid West region of Western Australia.

Questions? Message 0419 766 808 or email

Share + Graduate

How To Share

Once an activity has been completed take a photo of the work and post it in our Act-Belong-Commit Creative @ Home group on Facebook or email your photo to

In the comments please write #YoungArtist Aged 10 using the artist's actual age. Please add any comments to your post about what was enjoyable about the Young Artist Academy activity.

How To Graduate

Once a participant has completed and shared two activities they will be eligible to graduate from the Act-Belong-Commit Young Artists Academy! In the second challenge please comment using the artist's age:

#YoungArtist Aged 10 #Graduating

As soon as we see the #Graduating post we will check out the participants other post and be in touch to send out their certificate.

Anyone anywhere is welcome to take part in the Academies activities and graduate.

If you have any questions, please message 0419 766 808 or send an email to



We are excited to again run the Act-Belong-Commit Young Regional Artist Awards to celebrate youth getting creative to stay happy + healthy. This year we have three categories - Under Six, Under Twelve and a Judges' Selection with $1,000 in prizes. Click here for all the details on the awards. We wish all young artist every success with their creative endeavours.

The work on the left is called 'Chicken' by Addi, one of the winners of the 2019 Act-Belong-Commit Young Artist Awards

If you have any questions, please message 0419 766 808 or email

Get creative for health + happiness

Support Services

If needed, here are a few support services to help you, your friends and family during this time...

Beyond Blue I Headspace I Anxiety Self Care


Being active, having a sense of belonging and having a purpose in life all contribute to happiness and good mental health. We encourage you to Act, Belong and Commit. For more on Act-Belong-Commit, check out their website.

Check out Healthway's Resources + Activity Hub for other great ideas.

We're proud to work with Healthway to promote the Act-Belong-Commit message through our Community Strengthening Program. Our many thanks to the Government of Western Australia, Healthway and Act-Belong-Commit for helping keep our community happy, healthy and connected.